hi there! i like to program cool stuff

who are you?

i'm a polymath who likes to do lots of different things. i get hooked to pretty much anything that can interest me. primarily, i'm a computer programmer, video editor, and musician with perfect pitch. it's kinda hard for me to say anything else, really, because there's so many things that i know about that it wouldn't be easy to write them all down.

what do
you do?

i like to play Garry's Mod a lot (you can tell by steam profile) on a server called Metaconstruct. i'm a developer there, so i get to run my own Lua code at my leisure. Lua is my favorite programming language, on top of Python and C#. when i'm not playing Garry's Mod, i'm either playing video games with close friends of mine, or messing around in FL Studio trying to make something good. most of the time i spend in FL Studio is recreating songs, and sometimes making black MIDIs.

what did
you do?

i started out programming in Lua when i was 8 years old in mid-2008. ROBLOX was the game i was playing back then, but i've outgrown it, of course. eventually, i made my way to coding in Blockland in 2012 (even though i had been playing it for years), which uses TorqueScript. i mainly made small scripts and addons, but i did end up recreating the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode from Garry's Mod, which i'd also been playing for a few years.

in 2013, i started working in Garry's Mod's Lua environment, and I started out small by making FacePose Me, and reviving the old toybox addon, Time Bomb. i was subscribed to the Lua Rollercoasters addon, and i longed for a way to have powered-launch tracks, so i added them myself while the author, Foohy (who's a great dude btw), helped me get on my feet.

i started making small addons and little things here and there in Garry's Mod, most of which were never released to the public, but shown off on Facepunch. eventually, in mid-2014, i wanted to be a developer for GMTower, and then Foohy told how i could apply on the forums. i went ahead and did that, and became a dev. my main contributions were video poker, texas hold 'em, the new years 2015 countdown clock, and the lobby 1 closing events. early on next year, i took a break from GMTower, and then i found out that Tower Unite was announced, so i never returned to it since pixelTail was an official company and i wasn't old enough to work yet.

after leaving GMTower, i started to visit metaconstruct more regularly, making some cool stuff on there, and just doing my own thing for a while. i even made a recreation of the U.S. TV show, Deal or No Deal, specifically for metastruct (it's going under a rewrite, actually). in late-2016, i applied for a job at pixelTail Games to work on Tower Unite, and got accepted. unfortunately, school took a sharp turn and it became very difficult to get any work done, so i had to leave. that's pretty much it.

wanna work?

no thanks. sorry.